The Telephone Consumer Protection Act was enacted into law in 1991. The Legislative intent of the statute was to curb telemarketing while avoiding transferring the costs to consumers. What seemed clear at the time – and what still seems clear today – is that the TCPA was not meant to include debt collection agencies within its purview.

And yet: here we are. The TCPA is very much a daily consideration for any collection agency that uses a dialer, and, coupled with the FDCPA, can be a major stumbling block for agencies attempting to do their job. is excited to offer some solutions for agencies trying to stay on the right side of TCPA compliance:

Collection Law Overview: A Look at the TCPA

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Here’s a partial excerpt:

In October of 2005, ACA International  filed a petition to request that debt collection industry be exempted from the TCPA. This petition did not have the intended effect. Instead, the FCC issued a Declaratory Ruling – released January 4, 2008 – in which it clarified the “prior express consent to creditor and debt collection industry and rules” as follows:

    • “Prior express consent” defined for creditors and debt collectors:
      • “In this ruling, we clarify that autodialed and prerecorded message calls to wireless numbers that are provided by the called party to a creditor in connection with an existing debt are permissible as calls made with the ‘prior express consent’ of the called party.” Calls placed by a third party collector on behalf of that creditor are treated as if the creditor itself placed the call.  (FCC 2008 Ruling, pars. 1 and 10)

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TCPA Compliance: Perspectives on Current Technology Options

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