John Schanck, Chairman of Stellar Recovery, announced today the reorganization of Stellar’s executive staff and job responsibilities. Effective immediately, Bob Burnside is now President of Stellar Recovery, a position previously held by Chairman John Schanck.

“Bob has done a fantastic job since joining Stellar in December 2011. He will be transitioning his former role as IT Manager & Business Analyst to Sean Wilkinson, who has been with Stellar for over 12 months and working under Bob’s direction”, said Schanck. “Bob has been directly responsible for taking Stellar to the next level in regards to data security and client compliance in the IT world. Bob was been directly responsible for debt buying and all the analytics that go into purchases and managing Stellar’s inventory and performance.  Burnside has a vast and diverse background in Latitude software, website development, telephony, client services, interface development, and collection operation.  Bob has been an industry leader for over 20 years and has worn many hats over that period of time. Bob Burnside has and will continue to be a great asset for Stellar.”

Garret Schanck has assumed the role of CEO and will remain as COO. Garret been running operations and is directly responsible for Stellar’s client performance and vertical growth for the past three years since graduating Florida State University in 2010. Garrett’s incredible people skills and ability to successful manage clients has grown Stellar revenues and placements over the past three years.

Keith Jones will remain President of Sales and Marketing and has worked hand in hand with Garrett Schanck, CEO/COO, over the past three years to achieve incredible growth, and the team of Schanck and Jones will continue to grow market share, revenues and performance and will report directly to John Schanck, Chairman.

Bob Peterson has assumed the role of Chief Compliance Officer. Bob will be responsible for ensuring Stellar is compliant with all State and Federal laws, CFPB, and DBA certification of compliance, consumer complaints, and all licensing and consumer compliance. Bob Peterson is a long time industry leader and is past President of the ACA and has held several different officer positions with Stellar and the ACA. Bob is a long time industry leader for over 30 years.

“Our people at Stellar are the backbone of the company,” said John Schanck.

The leadership and current structure has led Stellar to phenomenal growth since January 2009.  Starting with only 45 employees and $2.5M in top line revenues, the company exceeded $19M in 2012 with over 175 employees.  Stellar Recovery, Inc. is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida with a satellite office in Kalispell, Montana.