A Buffalo, N.Y.-area man was arrested last month for shoplifting at a local store. He made sure everyone in the store saw him steal the $23 in merchandise and patiently waited for police to arrive.

In a thoroughly modern twist, the man – an ex-con who had been recently released after 18 years in prison – wanted to return to prison to continue taking advantage of free health care to treat his leukemia, according to The Buffalo News.

Frank J. Morrocco had spent nearly two decades in prison on a 21-year drug trafficking sentence. After being diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia a few years ago, Morrocco had been getting treatment in the prison system. But since he was released late last year, he had been unable to afford medical attention.

He made just enough money working to be denied federal coverage and did not make enough to afford private health insurance. So the reliable treatment he had grown accustomed to in prison seemed like the best option. The shoplifting charge, although minor, would violate his parole.

But the man might be in a bit of a predicament in acting so rashly. According to the paper, a relative stepped forward after his recent arrest and offered to pay for his medical coverage.

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