Radius Solutions, Inc. (Radius), a flexible, management-driven software and product provider based in Jacksonville, Florida, and founded in 2007, has announced the release of a new solution for every company seeking to comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and its prohibition against using automatic telephone dialing systems and predictive dialers to call cell phone numbers in any mode.

This new, patent-pending solution, the Radius Cell Manager, delivers four times as many dials to cell phone numbers for an 89% reduction in cost compared to other forms of manual dialing campaigns — and does so in a manner that purported “solutions” based on old predictive dialer-based technologies cannot match.  The Radius Cell Manager solution is a game changer because it’s not based on dialer technology, but rather was newly developed starting in 2009 specifically to help call centers, credit grantors, and collection agencies overcome the liabilities presented by the TCPA, with that sole purpose in mind.

After closely scrutinizing the solution, Helen Mac Murray, Esq., partner at Mac Murray Petersen & Shuster, LLP, saw fit to issue an opinion about the Radius Cell Manager in which she stated that this solution, “fully complies with the TCPA.”  Ms. Mac Murray served for six years as the section chief of the Ohio Attorney General’s consumer protection section and has been engaged for ten years in the private practice of law related to federal and state consumer protection issues, including TCPA compliance.  Read the full opinion letter, and a more extensive description of the solution, here:


President Mark Love commented, “Lead by our lead architect and partner Don Borer and his team, we have delivered the most compliant solution, one that overcomes what is the fastest-growing compliance issue facing the industry.  Because we started with a clean slate, rather than slightly changing old ways of doing business, our clients know our solution delivers greater penetration, leading to more payments without the threat of costly class action lawsuits, at lower cost and with greater efficiency.”

In addition to this new solution, Radius provides a full suite of other solutions including compliance consulting, skills-based routing, interactive messaging, call recording, and web services integration. With Radius, you can depend on a 24x7x365, secure, comprehensive strategy that adds a real boost to your bottom line and to client and consumer satisfaction.