NEW YORK — SKO Brenner American, a nationwide accounts receivable management firm, has announced the launching of a new website in the fall of 2010. The site is designed to better inform customers both about their company and the services that they offer.

SKO Brenner American domestic call & operations centers are located in Long Island New York. The organization has an esteemed and distinguished history dating back to 1913. Its management team has a broad spectrum of both strategic and tactical expertise of consumer and commercial credit, billing & collections. The organizations prides it’s self with being able to offer best in class, turnkey, outsource solutions that can overcome any first or third party customer retention, billing or collection challenge.

Their clients include start up entrepreneurial businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Their approach has been time tested and proven to be applicable to any size balance or volume of accounts. Furthermore, they pride themselves on sensitivity in dealing with their customers. Add to that their reliability and experience and they are far ahead of the pack.

SKO Brenner American provides a full menu of services relating to collection claims. They work with a national network of over 3000 local attorneys for those claims that require litigation or on site local attention. Some of the other services they offer include; pre-collect, outsourcing, collection of judgments, liquidation of accounts receivable portfolios and a complimentary, comprehensive scope of Cost Reduction Solutions that provides a unique and innovative approach to cost containment with a primary focus on reducing operational costs and expenses and strengthening the client’s cash flow position.

On their new website located at, you can read a full listing and description of the services that they offer.

Pay for performance, not promises! SKO’s contingency based fee schedule allow you to bring in the experts and their resources to overcome your receivable challenge with no-risk . If they don’t recover the money, there is no charge to the client. Does this seem too good of a deal to be true? Well, the reason is simple. They have a supreme confidence in their work product and put their money where their mouths are. If they don’t come through for you, they expect nothing in return. They charge fees on a sliding scale basis taking into consideration the age, type and amount of the account. For example, for a collection of 100,000 dollars commercial account they charge a mere 15%, one of the better rates in the industry. On their site, you can look through all of their rates to determine how your type of business receivable fits into their rate structure. They clearly state their rates out of their confidence that they are extremely competitive.

There are few companies that can offer the experience and track record offered by SKO, Brenner American. Their new website makes their services clear and easy to understand for their customers. Perhaps that is why they are one of the most respected collection companies in New York.



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