Sentinel Development Solutions, Inc. announces the launch of eCollectionsDesktop™, the new desktop version of its popular collections management system. Designed for collections operations with five collectors or less, eCollectionsDesktop™ offers most of the power and capability of eCollections in a reduced price structure.

“We wanted to target the smaller collection companies as well as industries which have a significant collection requirement with five or less collectors working accounts”, says Tim Cain, Sentinel’s CEO. “We maintained most of the core features and left out a few that are relevant only to larger collection operations. We’re targeting niches like property management, medical, commercial, retail, and utilities collections with eCollectionsDesktop.”

Starting at $2499 for the first three seats, two additional seats can be added at $500 per seat. Some of the important features that eCollectionsDesktop includes are a powerful contact management system with the ability to make and track payment plans, correspondence tracking and letter generation, a highly flexible queuing system, easy-to-use account import feature (OnBoard™), and built-in Internet-enabled remoting that empowers companies to collect from anywhere with a connection to the Internet.

Sentinel Development Solutions Inc. is a leading provider of collections management software solutions.  See more information about our products, services, and our company at Sentinel’s flagship product, eCollections™ has received acclaim for being the most powerful, flexible and scalable solution in the credit and collection industry.

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