Those in the collection business know that industry professionals and their agencies constantly seek ways to improve processes and be successful. With the constant demand to find the right solutions to our business objectives, it’s easy to forget the more basic components of success.

To remind us, we asked Columbia Ultimate Vice President of Sales Bonnie Finley, a collection industry veteran, to provide a related reflection on the year just passed.

“We all understand the need for compliance, change, and business strategies that encompass growth plans, acquisition positioning and defense. It’s the cold, hard truth that every agency is asking itself each day how to best achieve results in these areas.

“Last year confirmed an important lesson I’ve learned over and again during my more than 20 years in the collection industry—the software an agency uses isn’t the most important ingredient to success. What matters most is the partnership and joint efforts we engage in to bring about a lift in our clients’ bottom lines. Ultimately, we help our clients succeed through partnerships built upon an unwavering commitment to know them and understand their needs.”

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