Payment Savvy LLC, a top merchant provider for accounts receivable and collections agencies, including collection agency credit card processing services, has just announced that they are now offering merchant account security to the financial and debt collection industries.

Since the day Payment Savvy LLC opened for business, it has strived to offer its clients the best billing, collections credit card processing, and payment solutions possible. Over time, the company has earned a well-deserved reputation for its top notch technology and outstanding customer service.

For example, one of the company’s many services focuses on high risk merchant account solutions. This is a great option that will help clients who are having challenges finding a workable solution to processing credit cards. As an article on the company’s user-friendly website noted, a lot of issues can cause this type of problem to occur, including the type of product that is being sold, the volume that is processed daily or monthly, or possible credit issues. By calling Payment Savvy LLC directly, a friendly and knowledgeable account executive can help come up with a workable solution—usually in just a day or two.

Some common examples of high risk merchant accounts that Payment Savvy LLC works with include Collection Agencies, Medical Billing, Consumer Finance, and many more.

“Not getting approved and closure rate hinges a lot on who you work with. It is imperative to work with a company that specializes in high risk merchant accounts. That’s what we do, and we take pride in doing it right,” the article noted. “Unfortunately, if this occurs, then you and your business could be in jeopardy and could cause your business to be listed on the TMF list, resulting in all merchant providers refusing to work with you. We hope this hasn’t happened to you already and if it has we still recommend that you call us because we can still most likely get your business up and running credit cards again.”

Anybody who would like to learn more about Payment Savvy LLC is welcome to visit its website at any time; there, they can read about the company’s many services, including free payment processing, electronic checks and credit card processing solutions, and much more.

Payment Savvy LLC is the premiere merchant provider for accounts receivable and collections agencies. The company offers redundant back merchant accounts due to the strict enforcement of the banks in place shutting down the collection agency merchant accounts. For more information, please visit

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