The International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc. (IACC), the world’s largest international trade association for commercial debt collection companies, is pleased to announce that Joseph, Mann & Creed of Shaker Heights, Ohio has successfully completed the process to become an IACC Certified Commercial Collection Agency on December 15,2006.

To become certified through IACC’s Agency Certification program, a collection agency must complete a rigorous application and audit process. Certified agencies must meet program requirements for education and training of staff, carry a minimum of $50,000 in client protection bonds, submit specific business and financial records to an independent auditor to assure compliance with the program’s high standards for collection agency operations, and adhere to the IACC Code of Ethics. Periodic audits are conducted for an agency to maintain their certified status.

Members of IACC recover millions of dollars annually for their clients. They provide valuable assistance to credit departments in controlling mounting debts. IACC Certified Commercial Collection Agencies are dedicated to professional business practices and quality assurance and are therefore highly qualified to provide credit grantors with the expert collection services needed in today’s competitive business world.

To learn more about IACC and the IACC Agency Certification program or to view the IACC membership directory and IACC’s Commercial Collection Guidelines for Credit Grantors, visit the IACC web site at

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