Estate Information Services announced today that it has developed and implemented Claim Assure™ to meet the needs of its customers by protecting their claims filed in probate court.

The Key to the successful collection of a probate claim is the timely and accurate filing of paperwork.  The exact requirements to file a claim vary by court jurisdiction and it is incumbent upon every company to understand these requirements and execute the proper action.  It is also critical that the correct procedure is followed to ensure adherence to regulatory and client requirements regarding probate claims.  The purpose of the validation process is to verify that the information contained on the Proof of Claim is accurate and has had a meaningful review.

Estate Information Services, the leading provider of probate collection processes, has established the following validation process by which the claim documentation is prepared for submission.  The validation process also provides controls which meet requirements across all courts and clients.  EIS has determined through many years of performing this activity that this comprehensive approach is the most reliable method for ensuring claim activities are validated and auditable.


This Probate Claim Document Validation Process addresses the methodology employed to ensure probate claim documentation is prepared and reviewed subject to the requirements of the courts and clients.  This document describes the systemic implementation (people – process – technology) of the EIS compliance control policy for claim validation processing.  Three areas of control are defined:

  • Court Requirements
  • Claim Preparation
  • Audit Standards

Controls are defined for each area and function within the claim preparation process as checkpoints that enforce a high degree of quality and risk control.  Court Requirement controls ensure EIS is preparing claims using the most current instructions and forms.  Claim Preparation controls ensure all court required documents are produced, reviewed, and validated for accuracy and compliance.  Audit Standards controls serve to force claim preparation to be a measurable and manageable process which exceed client expectations and requirements.

Estate Information Services (EIS) specializes in the collection of deceased debt and specialty recovery functions for creditors throughout the United States. Based in Columbus, Ohio, EIS supports the banking, credit card, retail, auto loan & lease, mortgage, and educational finance industries, as well as debt buyers.

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