LiveVox Inc., the provider of the Private VoIP Cloud™ and integrated contact center applications, today announced cloud-based switching for multi-site contact centers. Through the LiveVox Private VoIP Cloud™, contact centers can now execute multi-site call routing without site-based switching or expensive and limited “intelligent” networking hardware.

Cloud-based switching enables contact centers to more seamlessly execute multi-site call routing with real-time visibility into agent presence at all locations. Site-to-site voice/data transfers and screen pops are delivered without reliance on site-premised PBXs or network routing “master node” hardware. LiveVox fully integrates this into call center applications such as ACD, predictive dialer, IVR, PBX, and call recording.

Also today, LiveVox has released the strategic briefing paper “How Cloud-Based Switching Simplifies Multi-Site Routing.” Download here:

Multi-site routing and integration simplified

Multi-site routing is difficult manage. Because of site-based switching limitations, routing tools are typically only configured to deliver call control in one direction. Transferring calls to another center loses account data associated with the consumer, who then must reenter information and wait on hold again. Additional switching and routing can also increase latency hindering call quality and screen pop delivery.

Traditional multi-site routing also created integration headaches because PBX, ACD, database and agent desktop (screen pop) integrations are needed at each location. Not only does cloud-based switching simplify multi-site routing, it reduces integration. Instead, in the LiveVox Private VoIP Cloud™, integration is executed and managed centrally with Cloud Integration Tools across the organization with a time-saving, one-to-many approach.

The Private VoIP Cloud™

“The Private VoIP Cloud™ is the culmination of a 10-year effort to develop and refine our platform,” said Louis Summe, Chief Executive Officer, LiveVox. “Technology trends, industry analysts and CIO surveys all point to an increasing need to leverage cloud infrastructure within the call center. The discussion is no longer a matter of ‘if’ but ‘how.’ Contact centers who wait to develop a cloud strategy need to know their competitors are not waiting.”

The LiveVox Private VoIP Cloud™ leverages IP/MPLS for voice/data transport. It delivers burstable networks, highly scalable applications, fully redundant technology and IT best practices. The patented, PCI-certified LiveVox platform integrates core contact center applications such as ACD, predictive dialer, IVR, and call recording delivered solely from the cloud.

Eliminating the site-premised switching dependency

LiveVox eliminates the site-premised switching requirement for contact center agents with the LiveVox Communicator soft phone. For smaller contact center organizations yet to migrate to VoIP, LiveVox Communicator quickly solves the transition without expensive IP/PBX upgrades.

For the multi-site contact center, LiveVox Communicator is an easy way to tap into the benefits of cloud-based switching without settling for the limitations of expensive routing and switching hardware.

“Vendors built on legacy technology are working hard to position themselves as ‘cloud’,” said Michael Reed, Vice President, Engineering, LiveVox. “Most are ASP-like iterations of core offerings. Others offer old technology with a different pricing structure. None offer the key cloud platform benefits call centers need. With true cloud providers, call centers have the opportunity to remove historic constraints from their operations.”

LiveVox is the provider of the Private VoIP Cloud™ with integrated contact center applications. The patented, PCI-certified LiveVox platform utilizes a burstable, redundant IP/MPLS mesh to deliver cloud-based switching and highly scalable contact center applications such ACD, predictive dialer, IVR, call recording and business analytics. LiveVox is headquartered in San Francisco.

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