Here’s something we all know: 2013 will be unlike any other year in the history of debt collection in the United States. It is known. The most obvious reason is that the largest ARM companies in the country will be subject to federal examination for the first time ever. And that should probably be enough.

But there’s more.

In their latest episode of ARM industry legal podcast, The Debt Collection Drill, attorneys John Rossman and Mike Poncin discuss specific ways debt collectors can take to avoid costly mistakes in 2013. In addition to preparing for CFPB supervision (read Rossman’s article on that here), Rossman and Poncin talk about the appropriate way to accept checks by phone (hint: many companies may be doing it incorrectly) and little known licensing issues causing class action headaches.

Listen to the 12-minute podcast below:

Three Costly Mistakes Debt Collectors Should Avoid in 2013

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Editor’s Note: The editorial team of (so basically Michael Klozotsky, Patrick Lunsford, and Mike Bevel) would like to thank John and Moss & Barnett for their holiday gift. The three of us will either be forming a quasi-religious cult or a hip-hop group based on the items — we haven’t decided yet. Happy Holidays!