Complicated Arizona governor Jan Brewer has signed legislation in her state that will make it easier for collection agencies to collect from consumers and small businesses.

According to a story in the Phoenix Business Journal, Brewer signed House Bill 2664 into law on Monday, 14 May:

“The measure allows collection agencies to use final billing statements as a basis to show amounts owed and interest rates as they seek court judgments and wage garnishments.”

The full text of the bill can be found at this link.

The language in this bill — primarily, but unofficially, known as the Credit Card Responsibility Bill — that pertains to collection agencies is this:

“In an uncontested court action in this state a creditor may establish the amount of the debt that is owed on a credit card account through a copy of the issuer’s final billing statement or by the electronic record pursuant to section 44-7007 that is maintained by the issuer and that represents the amount owed. In contested actions the court shall weigh the evidence of the parties as required by law.”


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