Marketing, customer care, and collections professionals are often challenged to derive meaning, insight, and value from the onslaught of data  resulting from customer engagements, including multi-channel campaigns delivered via dialer, voice messaging, text, web, and email.

Answering the need to make smarter and more informed business decisions, SoundBite Communications (NASDAQ: SDBT) announces DecisionPoint, a cloud-based, real-time analytics solution.  DecisionPoint offers complete visibility into campaign performance and provides business users with on-demand access to intuitive dashboards, interactive visualizations, and customized reporting to optimize virtually all aspects of customer engagements.

DecisionPoint lets organizations understand how customers respond to their communications across and within channels and then enables clients to intelligently optimize campaigns to increase connect and response rates, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience.  It works in conjunction with SoundBite’s cross-channel customer engagement platforms and solutions to deliver real-time, actionable, and integrated contact strategy reporting, monitoring, and optimization.  DecisionPoint leverages interactive visualizations, performance monitoring, data mining, and predictive analytics to provide invaluable insights; and it allows SoundBite clients to:

  • Better target customer segments

  • View data in easy-to-visualize graphs and charts

  • Optimize in-progress and future campaigns with actionable insights

  • Integrate data from third-party platforms for enriched analytics

  • Increase response rates while reducing campaign costs

SoundBite’s DecisionPoint Consulting Services provide testing, analysis, review, and refinement of customer engagement strategies in partnership with clients to define business objectives, contact tactics, and customer segmentations that optimize campaign initiatives.  SoundBite’s professional services team has years of experience working with clients to improve customer interactions via intelligent, cross-channel communications.  The team has expertise in leveraging analytics best practices and translating data intelligence into competitive advantages across the customer lifecycle including promoting products and services, providing proactive customer care, and collecting payments.

DecisionPoint provides a comprehensive view into customer communications data and the insight to act upon it.  Key capabilities include:

  • Analytics across and within channels, including: voice (predictive dialer, automated voice messaging), text, email, and web

  • Intuitive and interactive dashboards, graphs, and visualizations

  • On-demand access via browsers, tablets, mobile devices, and wall boards

  • Automated and scheduled email alerts

  • Export capabilities, including into Microsoft Excel, CSV, PDF, and PPT formats

“DecisionPoint delivers a powerful combination of ease-of-use and robust analytics and reporting,” said Anthony Chamberas, director of business intelligence at SoundBite Communications.  “Analyzing what would otherwise be an overwhelming quantity of raw campaign data, DecisionPoint brings real-time insight enabling our clients to make decisions that optimize their customer communications campaigns.  The end result is increased customer loyalty, better response rates, and far more effective calls-to-action.”

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SoundBite Communications is a customer experience management company with deep expertise in delivering cloud-based mobile marketing, proactive customer care, and collections/payments solutions.  More than 450 global end-clients, including nearly 50 Fortune 500 companies, leverage SoundBite’s proactive multi-channel communications and preference management platforms to power 2.5 billion personalized and compliant customer interactions annually across the full consumer lifecycle.  Visit and follow SoundBite on Twitter @SoundBiteComm for more information. SoundBite is a registered service mark of SoundBite Communications, Inc.

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