TCPA Compliance: Perspectives on Current Technology Options

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What are the compliance benefits and risks when an agency wants to use technology to navigate the rocky waters of the TCPA?

Compliance around TCPA is murky and fraught. Not using a dialer at all isn’t necessarily the best business practice, but using a dialer to call cell phones can put a company on the wrong side of the statute. Technology options exist that can help with TCPA compliance — but none are without some risks.

Interactive Intelligence invited attorneys David Kaminski of Carlson & Messer, LLP; and Anita Tolani of Weinberg, Jacobs, and Tolani, LLP, to give their opinion on several technology scenarios, and what the legal pros and cons might be.

Download the free report from Interactive Intelligence and get insight into the following scenarios:

  • Companies may choose to be “unknowledgeable” of which phone numbers in their lists are for cell phones.
  • Companies may elect to not call cell phones at all to eliminate the chance of TCPA lawsuit for that particular violation.
  • Companies may have scrubbed their lists, but continue to call cell phones using their dialer.
  • Companies may utilize the ‘preview’ mode on their dialer so the agent has to ‘manually dial’ after reviewing the account.
  • Newer technology allows companies to leave a voicemail on a cell phone without ever ringing it.
  • The transfer agent process utilizes non-collector agents to initiate a call, verify the right party, initiate the transfer, introduce the consumer to the collector agent, and release the call.
  • With a recent option, phone numbers/names are presented thru a desktop application to a non-collector agent who can click-to-call each number.
  • Download the full report now.

Download the paper and get the full analysis of this data.

Michael Klozotsky

Michael Klozotsky
Managing Editor,

To download any of's free whitepapers or view on-demand webinars, log in or register for an account below.

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