Kaulkin Ginsberg Q4 2011 M&A Report

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Looking back on 2011 and charting a course for Outsourced Business Services companies in 2012.

The OBS M&A Marketplace: a Roller Coaster Ride in 2011

Full year 2011 merger and acquisition activity kept pace with 2010 performance. 37 deals were completed in 2011 representing roughly $1.33 billion in total deal value, as compared to 38 deals and $1.37 billion in 2010. The international markets dominated the ARM M&A activity in 2011, with 14 transactions representing $1.15 billion, or roughly 87%, of the total deal value.

Get the whole story. Download the Report and learn:

  • Deal volume in Q4 2011
  • Cumulative changes for all of 2011
  • Noteworthy US and international deals
  • A single-source overview of the accounts receivable management (ARM), customerrelationship management (CRM), and revenue cycle management (RCM) industries

6 Key Trends Shaping the ARM Industry in 2012

2011 was a volatile year for ARM professionals. From dramatic reductions in placement volumes, to major storms halting collections for days on end, to the mass media and state AG continuous tirade against credit and collection professionals, the industry continues to feel the impact of the most severe economic downturn it has ever experienced.


  • Economic turbulence and liquidation results
  • Collection agency resiliency and growth opportunities
  • Business forces reshaping the ARM industry

And more…

Eye on the Horizon: Emerging Legal, Legislative and Regulatory Trends in the Accounts Receivable Industry

In this authoritative six-page article, Rozanne Andersen, Chief Compliance Officer & VP of Government Affairs at Ontario Systems, LLC, discusses how 2012 ushers in many changes for the accounts receivable industry on every front, but legal, legislative and regulatory trends may be the most impactful.

New laws and regulations will involve significant changes to workflow, technology and day-to-day operational policy. Ms. Andersen takes stock of thousands of regulations, case law decisions and recent legislation, and provides the following trends, which she views as most critical for the ARM industry.

Additional Useful Resources

In addition to the articles we’ve introduced above, you’ll also get access an informative infographic: The Good News and the Not-So-Good News for OBS Companies, as well as 9
Predictions for 2012 and Beyond. Not only will you be better prepared to execute your business strategy for 2012 with this free report, you’ll also have a chance to stay connected with Kaulkin Ginsberg Company until next edition. Download the Kaulkin Ginsberg Q3 2011 M&A Report now.

Michael Klozotsky

Michael Klozotsky
Managing Editor, insideARM.com

To download any of insideARM.com's free whitepapers or view on-demand webinars, log in or register for an account below.

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