Driving to One Percent: Call Analysis/Answering Machine Detection

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Driving to One Percent: Call Analysis/Answering Machine Detection

From small changes, it’s possible to see dramatic big results. Everyone from the Red Cross Foundation, to Oprah, to self-improvement guides tout it. And this approach/philosophy pops-up in numerous aspects of our lives — from slight changes we can make in our lifestyle and diet to improve our overall health, to small donations we make that support larger causes.

In this series, we view this phenomenon from a business perspective and how seemingly minor additions, deletions, or shifts can reap substantive results. The first topic in our “Driving to One Percent” series is call detection and call analysis during outbound campaigns.

Get the whole story. Download the Report and get insight and information on the following topics:

  • Call analysis: More than just answering machine detection
    • Advanced call analysis now is able to differentiate between six different outcomes of a call:

1. Live person answer
2. Answering machine
3. Busy signal
4. SIT tones from the network (aka, tri-tones)
5. Ringtones
6. Network messaging (ex., “The caller has not set up their voice mail…”)

  • Hardware versus software-based dialers
    • Today’s technology providers take one of two approaches to dialing and call analysis — traditional solutions are hardware and board-based, whereby newer solutions use software in lieu of the boards. That’s where the differences start.

Why Would a 1% Improvement in Call Analysis be Important from a Day-to-Day Business Perspective?

Download the whitepaper to find out. Then make sure to register for the accompanying webinar.

Small Changes, BIG Rewards

The expansion in ISDN codes and more precise telecommunications network messaging, coupled with more advanced algorithms from software-based dialer solutions, have enabled the next leap forward in call analysis capabilities. Knowing the vital role dialer call analysis plays, an incremental improvement can dramatically impact collector utilization, the integrity of your account and list data, and overall penetration rates. So in the case of improved call analysis, what does a 1% improvement mean to you?

Download the report and strengthen your strategies today.

Michael Klozotsky

Michael Klozotsky
Chief Content Officer, insideARM.com

To download any of insideARM.com's free whitepapers, log in or register for an account below.

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