American Profit Recovery, Inc.

American Profit Recovery, Inc.

Small Companies — 6th Place

American Profit Recovery (APR) is a collection agency with offices in Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina and Kentucky. The company specializes in the collection of third-party debt in the medical/dental, banking, trades, lawn care and other professional services industries.

Part of APR’s positive employee environment is shown through gifts the company gives for milestones that are achieved. It gives year end bonuses for 5 different categories from rookies to seasoned representatives. Bonuses for Admin/IT Managers are based on overall sales budget achievements quarterly and annually. Bonuses for collectors are based on a monthly basis on activities and goals.

The company uses communication tools such as organizational newsletters, corporate intranet, suggestion boxes, employee surveys, an open door policy, opportunities to meet with senior leadership, Intra-office instant messaging, feedback meetings, GoTo Meetings, and the creation of a new company facebook fan page, which the company posts pictures and blogs and events and encourage employees to intermix. Employees also participate in monthly company calls, reading bi-weekly blogs by members of the staff and PR company. The company offers recognition to employees. YouTube video blogs are orchestrated by APR’s public relations company to show what is going on in different offices.

An employee is eligible for the company’s health plan on the first of the month after 90 days. The company offers a vision plan this year that costs employees five dollars per month. APR also offers a discount card for discounts on prescriptions, chiropractic care and other alternative medicine. The company and employees share the cost on prescription and medical coverage.

American Profit Recovery also appeared in the Best Places to Work in Collections for 2008 and 2009.

Company Profile

American Profit Recovery
Marlborough, Mass.
CEO: Jeff DiMatteo
Industry: Debt Collection
Full-Time employees: 56
Part-Time employees: 0
Male 79%
Female 21%
Avg. salary – exempt employees: $58,849
Avg. salary – non-exempt employees: $30,304
New hires last year: 3