General Service Bureau/Early Out Services

Medium Companies – 2nd Place

Related companies General Service Bureau (GSB) and Early Out Services (EOS) provide account receivables solutions for the healthcare industry. EOS provides self-pay management and insurance follow-up for hospitals, clinics and physician’s offices. GSB provides third-party collection services which include providing solutions for consumers and their debts, credit reporting, legal processes and proceedings.

Living their core values — including treating each individual with dignity and respect — GSB and EOS associates fulfill the mission of “enhancing the financial well-being of others.” GSB and EOS are PPMS certified. Each employee, regardless of position, understands the importance of policies and procedures to ensure each account is handled properly, meeting all production and quality standards.

Employees are treated to flexible schedules, bar-b-ques and food days, fun contests, break room w/ping pong table, pool table and cable T.V., flip-flop Fridays, and recess (or play time using frisbees, ball game).

Company Profile

General Service Bureau/Early Out Services
Omaha, NE
CEO: Robert L. Leavitt
Industry: Collection Agency
Full-Time employees: 108
Part-Time employees: 5
Male 40%
Female 60%
Avg. salary – exempt employees: $69,180
Avg. salary – non-exempt employees: $27,976
New hires last year: 8

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