Americollect Inc.

Medium Companies – 3rd Place

Americollect was established in 1964. It provides collection services in the Medical, Utilities, Government, Cable and Cellular industries.

The company enacts a team based incentive program to insure productivity. Each month a team is provided with three goals: a low, medium and high goal. Three different amounts of commission can be paid to a team depending on how much it collects, and the goal that is achieved for the month. Additionally, weekly contests provide incentives to win cash, gift cards and an excuse to dress unusually during themed dress up days. The company also provides daily goals and words of encouragement to its employees.

Americollect facilitates communication through organizational newsletters, employee surveys, an open door policy for all, opportunities to meet with senior leadership and creating an approachable environment between co-workers to eliminate communication barriers. Also, to enhance employee communication, Americollect split its facility into large open rooms to enable communication without the confusion of physical barriers.

Americollect also appeared in the Best Places to Work in Collections for 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Company Profile

Americollect Inc.
Manitowoc, WI
CEO: Kenlyn T Gretz
Industry: Collection Agency
Full-Time employees: 75
Part-Time employees: 14
Male 21%
Female 79%
Avg. salary – exempt employees: $87,466
Avg. salary – non-exempt employees: $34,892
New hires last year: 19

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