Professional Account Services, Inc.

Large Companies – 3rd Place

Established in 1987, Professional Account Services Inc. (PASI) provides healthcare collection services. Services include: self-pay, insurance and workers compensation collections and lien filing on liability accounts.

PASI provides self pay collectors with a monthly incentive based on the percentage of dollars collected and/or achieving a collection target. Insurance collectors receive an individual and/or team incentive based on achieving a collection target.

The company hosts a bi monthly employee forum called the “Lunch with Clark” program. This program creates a monthly forum for eight employees from different departments to meet with the Vice President to talk about cross departmental issues and other topics of interest to the attendees.

Under the company’s health plan, employees can receive full coverage for hospital services provided by any hospital owned by the parent company, Community Health Systems. Eligibility begins one month after hire.

PASI was also a Best Place to Work in Collections in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011..

Company Profile

Professional Account Services, Inc.
Brentwood, Tenn.
CEO: James H. Clark III (VP of Collection Services)
Industry: Healthcare Collections
Full-Time employees: 485
Part-Time employees: 2
Male 20%
Female 80%
Avg. salary – exempt employees: $77,435
Avg. salary – non-exempt employees: $46,170
New hires last year: 52

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