Whitepaper: Medicare Reimbursement Cuts — How Providers & Collection Agencies Can Fight Back

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Healthcare providers are getting squeezed from every direction, but by working in concert with collection agency partners, they can squeeze back.

Third-party payors are reducing the amounts they will pay for services; hospital employees are amplifying their demands for higher pay and more benefits; the ever-increasing cost of equipment, pharmaceuticals, and supplies shows no sign of abating; costs associated with regulatory compliance are mushrooming; and as if that is not enough to drive any revenue cycle professional crazy, beginning in January of 2013, providers will begin to feel the effects of changes to the Medicare reimbursement program.

Understanding the impact the changes in the Medicare reimbursement program will have on providers and the corresponding opportunity this change represents is the first step in becoming a part of the solution — and the focus of this whitepaper from insidePatientFinance.com and Ontario Systems.

Download this whitepaper:

  • You’ll get an overview of how Medicare used to work
  • You’ll learn what’s on the agenda for 2013
  • You’ll be able to implement solutions that will help you tighten the grip on receivables while avoiding the big squeeze.

Hospitals need not assume all these responsibilities alone. Nor is it prudent to attempt to do so. In today’s environment of ever increasing costs and fewer and fewer available resources, hospitals have little choice than to look beyond its walls for assistance and healthcare collection agencies are poised to be part of the solution. It’s the only way to close the gap.

Download Medicare Reimbursement Cuts: How Provider and Collection Agencies Can Fight Back now.

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