Increasing Outside Medical Collections for Emergency Physician Groups

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A DECA Financial Services Case Study of Professional Medical Billing

Emergency physician groups, other US healthcare providers, and the service companies that support them have been forced to contend with a demanding collections environment for years—one certainly exacerbated by the global fi­nancial crisis that officially began in September 2008, the incredibly high number of uninsured patients, and the expanding shift to greater patient-responsibility for medical bills. Professional Medical Billing (PMB) engaged DECA Financial Services, a nationally licensed healthcare collection agency, to evaluate its clients’ delinquent healthcare accounts, assess the in­ternal collection processes in place, and partner with PMB to launch an analytics-driven solution to improve outside collection returns.

This free report explains the strategy DECA Financial Services recommended as well as its effectiveness at resolving PMB’s outside debt collection challenges on behalf of its clients.

By leveraging its state-of-the-art technology and pro­prietary scoring system DECA Financial Services was able to increase PMB’s clients’ outside collection re­turns by 50 percent over the entire prior year’s results in only six months. In the process of achieving that outcome, DECA Financial Services provided PMB with:

  • Campaign management based on open communi­cation to continuously track and measure collec­tions performance
  • A significant increase in right party contact ratio
  • In one case the net dollars realized by one PMB client went from approximately $30,000 to $100,000 in one short month

To download any of's free whitepapers or view on-demand webinars, log in or register for an account below.

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