Monarch Cares Kicks off Toys for Tots

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Monarch Cares has kicked off its annual Toys for Tots program earlier than usual this year. Toy collections began on October 3, 2012 and will run through December 7, 2012.

Monarch Cares is Monarch Recovery Management, Inc.’s charitable program that supports local organizations making communities surrounding the company’s headquarters a better place to live and work

“Every year our generous employees come through with amazing toys and cash donations to purchase additional items. The Marine Corps does an exceptional job and we are always glad to help them out,” stated Bill Fuller, President and CEO. “At Monarch, we believe it is important to have a positive impact and give back to our community. I am very proud of our commitment to this core value demonstrated by the charities that we support. Our companywide goal is to increase our commitment to our community in the years to come”.

Monarch Recovery Management, Inc. is an industry leading accounts receivable management company, employing over 150 people in the Philadelphia area.

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