Gila Group Launches SmartDialz for Credit Unions

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Gila LLC, through its business unit, Gila Group, is pleased to announce the launch of SmartDialz™, its new service offering focused on targeted dialing campaigns. Utilizing its 22 years of experience, Gila Group has developed an advanced methodology that allows significantly greater performance for its credit union clients, reaching more members with greater ease.

“We have developed credit union specific technology to service members more efficiently and at a lower cost to our client,” said Jason Schmer, Vice President of New Services.  “This technology allows us to implement specific strategies for each credit union, maximizing right-party contacts (RPC) to delinquent credit union members, thus lowering delinquencies,” he added.  The SmartDialz™ service involves advanced, integrated out-bound dialing algorithms to consistently predict best available contact times.

“With today’s economic climate, it is important that credit unions continuously improve collection performance. We are excited to enhance our service offerings with SmartDialz™, and we believe it will add great value to our clients by increasing portfolio penetration and generating real and immediate results,” Schmer added.

Gila Group specializes in collection support services for credit unions and financial institutions nationwide.

Founded in 1991, Gila Group offers outsourced collections, payment processing and call center services to financial institutions nationwide. The company provides a full suite of receivables management solutions, tailored to each client’s specifications. The company has achieved the Professional Practices Management System (PPMS) certification from the Association of Credit and Collections Professionals (ACA International).  Additionally, Gila is a SAS 70 (Type II) certified service organization.

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