National Enterprise Systems Launches New Corporate Website

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National Enterprise Systems, Inc., a full-service debt collection agency licensed in all fifty states and offering a full range of accounts receivable management services to credit grantors nationwide, has recently launched a newly redesigned website to better serve its clients and customers in the accounts receivable management industry.

National Enterprise Systems was established in 1987 by Ernest R. Pollak, as a full-service debt collection agency.  In January 1999, Mr. Pollak, a 38 year veteran of the collection industry, became President of NES.  Mr. Pollak’s sincere, hands-on approach to the needs of clients and keen awareness of industry trends has resulted in the continual growth and development of NES, its management team, and its employees.

According t0 a blog post on its site, “The redesigned website builds upon NES’s existing platform, but seeks to streamline the user experience from a customer service perspective.”

“The straightforward design gives NES’s clients access to important information about the company and offers its customers multiple ways to contact NES should they have a question about their account or an interaction with a NES representative, according to Ernie Pollak, president of National Enterprise Systems.”

The site also offers a secure payment portal for customers who want to pay an outstanding bill online.

NES is headquartered in Solon, Ohio.


Editor’s Note: The creative services division of worked with NES on the redevelopment of its new website. Click here for more information.

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