Exiting WV Attorney General Issues Enforcement Action Filings Against Three Collection Agencies

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First off, a trigger warning: clicking this link that accompanies this news story will explode a GIANT face on your computer screen and I don’t know if you’re drinking something right now while reading the news (by the way: thanks for reading the news and welcome back!), but you’re going to want to swallow your beverage and just brace yourself.

Here we go.

As a parting gift, outgoing West Virginia state Attorney General Darrell McGraw (no relation to this McGraw or this McGraw) “announced subpoena enforcement action filings on Dec. 20 against three companies for allegedly unlawful debt collection activities.”

Those in the crosshairs? “Dominion Management Services Inc., doing business as CashPoint of Alexandria, and company president Michael H. Lester; ACAC Inc., doing business as Approved Cash Advance of Cleveland, Tennessee, and Manuel Marrero, its president; and Envision Payment Solutions Inc. of Duluth Georgia, Gregory J. Mellott, its president, and Julie A. Burrus, the company’s vice president.”

For the time being, these are only subpoenas — a first step in investigating and determining if, actually, violations have occurred. “If the law is being violated, we typically seek a company’s voluntary promise to comply without resort to litigation,” McGraw said. “Regretfully, when companies fail to comply with our subpoenas, we cannot complete the investigation that the Legislature expects us to conduct, which leads to subpoena enforcement proceedings such as these.”

McGraw, however, will not be the one dealing with these subpoenas and investigations. Having lost his his bid for a sixth term in November, Republican Patrick Morrisey will take over in January.

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