Unifund Increases Giving and Community Involvement in 2012

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In the spirit of the holidays, Unifund and its team members are proud to look back on 2012’s many contributions supporting those in need. Through employee fundraising activities, along with company donations, the group donated over $150,000 dollars to fifteen different organizations. Unifund’s employees also give their time and talent in these and other diverse community events.

“The current environment causes concern about the economic future, however, we feel supporting charities that give a hand up is critically important to our communities. Now more than ever, these organizations need backing from businesses and individuals to support them and the communities where we work and live,” says Jason Kaster, Chief Operating Officer. “We believe that the more we can give to help people in tough times gain the ability to become self-reliant again, the more positive the community will be for everyone – consumers and businesses alike. This is demonstrated by the 150% increase in our donations this year over 2011.”

Unifund’s core business is purchasing and managing distressed consumer receivables, a key component in the financial services industry and recovery for the economy. Employing over one hundred people in the area, Unifund has grown its support being touched by tragedies.

“Seeing the effects of support to our employees, families and friends through causes we’ve assisted like St. Joseph Orphanage and MS Society, make giving even more rewarding,” adds Kaster.

Though nationally known, Unifund has been locally owned and operated from Cincinnati since its doors opened in 1986. Integrity and accountability are fundamental to their code of conduct.

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