Edwin A. Abrahamsen & Associates Donates 21 Bicycles to Local Children in Scranton, PA

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In 2012, Edwin A. Abrahamsen & Associates (EAA), based in Scranton, Pennsylvania, raised money and dedicated their time to provide local children with an enhanced holiday season.

EAA employees used their traditional “dress down” fundraising to raise the funds for the bicycles.  Although some casual Fridays are a reward to employees, many EAA “dress down” Fridays are used to raise money for local charities.  These charities are recommended by EAA employees and approved by management.  During “dress down” fundraisers, each employee donates $2 on designated days to wear jeans, sweatshirts, and other casual clothing.  EAA matches the contributions of the employees to enhance their efforts and further their cause.

This “dress down” tradition creates a win for everyone.  The employees are joining together to make a difference in the local community.  They build a sense of teamwork and accomplishment while enjoying a casual Friday.  The charities benefit from the donations and the law firm benefits from a closer connection to the community and by having employees that are more happy and engaged.

EAA employees raised a total of $1240.96 and purchased 21 bicycles and helmets for local children of various ages.  The bicycles were donated to the Catherine McAuley Center, an organization set up to assist women and children in crisis.  This organization is sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy Mid-Atlantic Community.  More information on the McAuley center can be found at www.catherinemcauleycenter.org

Anyone interested in donating to the Catherine McAuley Center can send a check by mail to the following address:

Catherine McAuley Center
430 Pittston Ave
Scranton, PA  18505


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