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Pennsylvania Enters into a New Era of Consumer Protection Enforcement: What Financial Services Companies Must Do Now

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No Real Surprises in CFPB's Final Rule for the Small Dollar Loan Industry

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Court Dismisses CFPB Lawsuit Due to Willful Failure to Participate in Discovery and Obey Court Orders

Treasury Department Issues Long Awaited Report on Regulatory Reform for the Financial Services Industry

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Why the CFPB’s Decision to Change Course on Debt Collection Rulemaking is a Very Big Deal

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U.S. Supreme Court Rejects FDCPA Liability in Bankruptcy Proceeding

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CFPB Ordered by a New York Federal Court to "Show Me the Money"

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Latest CFPB Consent Order Changes the Rules for Collection Law Firms

Kansas District Court Provides No Clarity on Payment/Revival Disclosures

Consumer Financial Services Regulation Will Remain in a Trump Presidency

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In Sheriff et al. v. Gillie et al. Supreme Court Provides Insight as to Intent and Purpose of the FDCPA

Spokeo v. Robins - Supreme Court Limits Consumer Right of Action in Fair Credit Reporting Act Case

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Debt Collection Litigation in the Cross Hairs: CFPB's Consent Order Against New Jersey Law Firm Creates More Problems Than Solutions

Increased Regulations Spawn New Trade Associations

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Payday Lending, Exemption for Community Banks, Arbitration and Ally Were the Hot Topics During CFPB Director Cordray's Testimony Before Congress

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Credit Reporting, Overdraft Issues and the Remittance Rule Dominate the CFPB's 2016 Winter Supervisory Highlights

UDAAP: Regulating the "Could've, Would've, Should've"

Court Rules in Favor of Law Firm and Creditor in Four Year Old FDCPA and Bankruptcy Case

CFPB Settles Enforcement Action with Georgia Law Firm: Continued Oversight over the Practice of Law Expected

Are We Closer to Understanding 'Meaningful Involvement'? Bock v. Pressler & Pressler May Show the Way