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FCC and Florida Team Up Against Fraudulent Telemarketers (Still No Official TCPA Word Yet)

The Federal Trade Commission and Florida’s Attorney General have joined forces to cease the operations of an “Orlando-based operation that has been bombarding consumers since 2011 with massive robocall campaigns designed to trick them into paying up-front for worthless credit card interest rate reduction programs.” And no, it’s not Disney.

All Hands In

Culture Check: Does Your Company Have a Culture of Compliance?

Whether it is your hiring team checking backgrounds, your operations team making sure every call can pass the compliance test, your sales team vetting clients to ensure they aren’t asking for non-compliant activity, or, at the very head of the process, your Board of Directors setting policy and requiring compliance throughout your organization; everyone must be committed to compliance for it to truly be a culture.


CFPB Takes Action Against Medical Debt Collector, Largely For Lack of Policies and Procedures

Yesterday, the CFPB announced an enforcement action against a medical debt collection company for mishandling consumer credit reporting disputes and preventing consumers from exercising important debt collection rights. The company is ordered to provide over $5.4 million in relief to harmed consumers, and pay a $500,000 penalty. At the core is a lack of adequate policies and procedures.

Credit-Card Industry Faces "Volcanic" Senate Eruption

Is It Illegal to Charge Credit Card Convenience Fees?

Charging convenience fees: should you or shouldn’t you? The practice might be the next battleground for the debt collection industry. As with many regulations, there are more questions than answers — and the answers that are available aren’t to everyone’s liking. Join attorneys John Rossman and Mike Poncin, of Moss & Barnett, to get another point of view on fees and debt collection.