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Senior Man Using Cell Phone

Greetings from the Self-Proclaimed “Dullest Person in the ARM Industry”

I am so “over” Las Vegas. I am not a gambler. Plus, since I have the well-earned title of being THE DULLEST PERSON IN THE ARM INDUSTRY, all of the glitter and glamour of Las Vegas is lost on me. Lastly, time away from home has become less attractive. I like being at home. Shorter trips are better for me, and I hear the same from many of my colleagues.

Envelope on Fire

Is Your Envelope “Benign” Under The FDCPA?

There has been a lot of litigation relating to envelopes recently, but section 1692f(8) of the FDCPA, which regulates collection envelopes, is not new. It has been a source of frustration for collectors for decades. Fortunately, some courts have recognized that a strict application of section 1692f(8) may lead to absurd results, and have held that “benign language” on an envelope does not violate the FDCPA. Unfortunately, the word “benign” can be VERY slippery.