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Medical Debt Collection

When medical receivables become aged, healthcare providers will enlist the help of the ARM industry to collect the debt. The medical, or healthcare, sector of the debt collection industry is robust, with specialty debt buyers, collection agencies and collection law firms providing service. A typical account usually involves a self-pay portion of treatment costs not covered by insurance or government programs which needs to be paid by the patient. Some medical offices also offer financing for their services and for certain elective procedures, loans which could go into default.

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Account Control Technology Holdings, Inc. Acquires Convergent

Account Control Technology Holdings, Inc. (ACT Holdings), the parent company of debt management and collection leader Account Control Technology, Inc. (ACT) today announced its acquisition of Convergent Resources Holdings, LLC (Convergent). The acquisition creates a diversified business process outsourcing (BPO) organization with a total of 20 offices and more than 3,900 employees.