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Governments of all sizes and locations are owed money. In the U.S. federal government, citizens and businesses typically owe taxes, fines and fees. Consumers can also owe on federally-backed student loans, while businesses can owe on development loans. Several branches of the U.S. government have robust ARM operations, including the IRS and the Department of Education.

On the state and local level, debts to the government can be too many to enumerate. From court fines and fees to sales tax to late parking tickets. An overwhelming majority of U.S. states, and thousands of municipal governments, have used private debt collectors to help recover their debts.


Performant Earnings Announcement Hits Three Hot Topics

Performant Financial Corporation (PFMT), historically one of the Department of Education’s (ED) top performing private collection agencies, yesterday announced financial results for its third quarter ended September 30, 2015. The company also hosted a conference call to discuss the results. Third Quarter Financial Highlights Total revenues of $38.5 million, compared to $39.6 million in the […]


House Expected to Vote This Week on Transportation Bill With IRS Debt Collection Provision

The House is expected to vote later this week on a Highway Bill that includes a funding provision that would once again use private debt collectors (PDC) to collect debt owed to the Internal Revenue Service. Unlike most recent transportation legislation, this is a multi-year bill, which would allow the completion of more significant and […]


Budget Deal Includes Autodialer Provision for Federal Debt Collectors

The latest congressional budget deal includes a provision to let companies collecting federal student loans (or other debts guaranteed by the government) collectors call cellphones using auto-dialers. A welcome boon to (a select few) collectors that have contracts with the Department of Education amid a sea of recent bad news, the move also highlights the double standard in the way lawmakers treat government vs. private debt.

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IRS Private Debt Collection Program: Is it About Politics, or What’s Best for Our Country?

The Hill (a publication read by those who influence policy in Washington) recently published an op-ed by Chi Chi Wu, a staff attorney at the National Consumer Law Center, about the IRS Private Debt Collection (PDC) program. She argued that it was a disaster and Congress should not revive the program. Yesterday The Hill ran an op-ed submitted by Stephanie Eidelman, CEO of insideARM, in response to Wu’s article.

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As House Approaches Vote (Again) on Private Debt Collection for IRS, Members Should Consider This

I read an article last week on The Hill website that concerned me. It was by Chi Chi Wu, a staff attorney for NCLC, and argues that Congress should (again) dismiss the idea of the IRS using private debt collectors. I suspect this publication is widely read by those House members and staffers who will influence this vote. They are clearly getting only one side of the story.

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Fall 2015 Research Fellowship Program Focusing on the Government Sector

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Kaulkin Ginsberg, the leading consultancy and M&A advisory firm specializing in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry, began the fifth semester of its Research Fellows Program earlier this month in conjunction with the University of Maryland, College Park’s Department of Economics. Fellows will focus their research on U.S. government bad debt […]

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Dept. of Education PCA Program Still a Driver of Small Business Growth

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) Private Collection Agency (PCA) program remains an opportunity for small businesses despite recent wrangling over five contractor suspensions in March and a bid process for large (“unrestricted”) contractors still incomplete after two years. Goals have gone up over the last two years, with ED’s prime and subcontracting goals now at 20% and 33%, respectively.

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Huffington Post Article About Private Collection Agencies Potentially Collecting IRS Debt Hits a Nerve with this ARM Veteran

Last week the Huffington Post published an article that just sent me over the edge. The headline read, “Republicans Want Private Debt Collectors To Replace IRS Agents; The GOP thinks it’ll save the government money, but the facts suggest the opposite.” While the headline got my attention, the first two sentences really got my blood boiling…