Free Reports and Webinars about Debt Collection and ARM Best Practices Feed Link

Free Reports and Webinars about Debt Collection and ARM Best Practices

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7 Crucial Compliance Conversations Downloadable Cover

Seven Crucial Compliance Conversations for Every Hospital CFO

With alarming frequency, patient complaints are making their way up the chain through both for-profit and nonprofit hospitals – all with the support, and in some instances, encouragement, of the Federal government. Hospitals and their service providers are under the mistaken assumption their operations are flying below the CFPB’s radar. Unfortunately, nothing can be further from […]


On-Demand Webinar: Student Loan Data Security

Data Security and compliance play significant roles in Student Loan Collections Your clients are expecting you to conduct various audits of your processes and procedures. There’s overarching regulations like SSAE 16 and those from the CFPB. Add to those requirements from The Higher Education Act of 1964 and the Department of Education, and collecting on […]


Preauthorized Payments and Regulatory Compliance

Recently there has been some confusion in the industry about authorizations for Preauthorized ACH and Debit Card payments under Regulation E and NACHA regulations. Some sources are distributing incorrect information. PaymentVision has prepared a detailed
analysis of these requirements, relying on and quoting only authoritative sources.

FICO - Taking Your Collections Performance to the Top- Cover - downloadable-template

Taking Your Collections Performance to the Top

Intelligent communications and customer self-serve, according to FICO, help you scale the shifting economic, regulatory and social environment. In today’s dynamic collections environment, traditional approaches are less and less effective. New techniques—like self-serve ways for customers to resolve delinquencies from their mobile phone—produce higher ROI for collections time, effort and expense. This whitepaper covers five […]


Strategies for Effective Phone Data Testing

Employing an effective debt-collection strategy—with the right information solutions provider—helps increase Right-Party Contacts (RPC) and drive operational effectiveness for any company, large or small. The rise of consumer sophistication, government regulations and client work standards continues to drive the demand for effective collection processes—and strategic alliances with information solutions providers are a critical element to success. Your data vendor is an extension of your operation and picking the right one has never been more critical.