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Free Reports about Debt Collection and ARM Best Practices

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Why Is Nobody Talking about ICD-10?

With less than a year until the switchover to ICD-10, we are entering crunch time. Many healthcare providers only have just begun their planning for the transition, which must be completed by Oct. 1, 2014. More importantly, in survey after survey, many revenue cycle managers or healthcare providers claim they do not know the status of their ICD-10 project.

ICD-10 migration, contrary to what some may think, is not a “coding department problem” or an “IT problem.” Implementing ICD-10 will have ripples throughout the organization, affecting almost every department in some manner.


5 Tips to End the Credit Reporting Nightmare

Even when it’s working right, the U.S. credit reporting system affects all of us. Consumers, who pay their bills promptly, receive higher credit scores; debt collectors who accurately report consumer accounts experience increased recoveries; and lenders who rely on the credit reporting system make better lending decisions.

But the U.S. credit reporting system is in a state of disarray and this spells “n-i-g-ht-m-a-r-e” for data furnishers.


Debt Settlement Account Identification: Segmenting Portfolios for Strategic Recovery

Is your agency thinking about utilizing a debt settlement solution as part of its business model? There are some important data points to keep in mind when thinking about beginning any kind of relationship with a debt settlement company. In this whitepaper from DS3, you’ll get a better picture of the debt settlement landscape. Regardless of what you or your organization thinks about debt settlement, incorporating strategies that address this population of accounts will affect your recovery rate and costs.


Tracking Probate Activity: Portfolio Segmentation Tools for Strategic Recovery

The high liquidity of probated estates, paired with potential brand exposure in the deceased collections space, has motivated many organizations to evaluate and implement specific strategies for identifying and servicing probate accounts. Download “Tracking Probate Activity: Portfolio Segmentation Tools for Strategic Recovery” now for strategic insight into this market segment!


Whitepaper: Welcome to the Challenging World of Self-Pay Healthcare

There is a perfect storm of dire conditions out there for patients and healthcare consumers: a slowly recovering economy; new relationships with insurance; regulatory changes. All of these have combined in ways that, challengingly, leave patients responsible for higher percentages of their medical bills.

These are the self-payors; and they’re directly affecting your bottom line as a healthcare provider.