Doing it Right

Doing it Right

Dials, Contacts, and the Difference: Collection Calls to Consumers

Much has changed the technological landscape from the early days of the FDCPA to today. In 1978, we didn’t have cell phones or caller ID. The consumer could either sit there and listen to the ring on the phone and not answer it, or he might be compelled to take it off the line and let the person hear a busy signal. Either way, consumers were aware that the call was being made at the time. In this “new normal,” what are the best practices?

Front Row: ACT San Angelo representatives Brenda Coats (far left) and Trudy Taylor (far right) present a check to Project Graduation representatives Sandy Sawyer and Joanne Bishop (middle). Back Row (L-R):  ACT representatives Yvonne Rodriguez, Brian Shively (Director of Operations), Monica Parker, Rebecca Becknell and Stephanie Martinez.

Account Control Technology Donates $5,000 to Project Graduation – San Angelo

Account Control Technology, Inc. (ACT), a national leader in delivering debt management and recovery solutions, is pleased to announce that employees of its San Angelo office recently delivered a donation of $5,000 in support of the community’s Project Graduation program, which provides an alcohol and drug-free celebration for high school seniors the night of graduation.