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Debt collection refers to the work done to recover balances from credit accounts that are past due. Most commonly, debt collection specifically references third party debt collectors whose clients include banks, credit card issuers and other credit grantors, debt buyers, governments, and any organization that extends credit or owns an account where a balance is due. Collection methods traditionally include phone calls from call center agents, e-mails, and letters, and increasingly, SMS text. If an account remains in arrears after these efforts, the collection agency may contract with a collection attorney to file suit to recover the debt, if the collection agency is not positioned to do so.

ACT presents donation checks totaling $32,014 at the Susan G. Komen headquarters in Dallas. Front Row (L-R): Ray Eshghipour, operations director for the ACT Dallas office; Norm Bowling, chief revenue & marketing officer for Susan G. Komen; Tiffany Dunn, director of direct marketing for Susan G. Komen; Gail Davidson, executive assistant for the ACT Dallas office; Charles Reyes, collection manager for ACT’s San Angelo office; and Brian Shively, operations director for the ACT San Angelo office. Back: Support staff at the Susan G. Komen headquarters.

Account Control Technology Donates $32,014 to Susan G. Komen and the Fight to End Breast Cancer

Account Control Technology, Inc. (ACT), a national leader in delivering debt recovery and business process outsourcing solutions, recently donated $32,014 to Susan G. Komen®, a nonprofit organization which works to end breast cancer in the U.S. and throughout the world through support for groundbreaking research, community health outreach, advocacy and programs in more than 30 countries.


Fallout Growing from FDCPA Decision on Proof of Claim on Time-Barred Debt

A U.S. Circuit Court decision this summer took an extraordinary step when it held that filing a proof of claim on time barred debt is conduct that violates the FDCPA. At the time, attorneys close to both bankruptcy and FDCPA proceedings warned that it would touch off a very real firestorm in that sector of the ARM industry. That has proven to be quite true.