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Medical Receivables

Medical receivables are the amounts owed by third-party payers to healthcare providers. The party owing the money can be commercial insurance companies, HMOs, Medicare and Medicaid, or patients (if there is an outstanding balance after insurance or another payer has paid its portion).

Medical receivables are usually payable 60 to 120 days after service is rendered, though some reimbursements lag further behind, creating cash flow issues for healthcare providers, who typically need to pay expenses in a shorter time frame.

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Account Control Technology Holdings, Inc. Acquires Convergent

Account Control Technology Holdings, Inc. (ACT Holdings), the parent company of debt management and collection leader Account Control Technology, Inc. (ACT) today announced its acquisition of Convergent Resources Holdings, LLC (Convergent). The acquisition creates a diversified business process outsourcing (BPO) organization with a total of 20 offices and more than 3,900 employees.