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Healthcare Stethescope

Kaulkin Ginsberg Offers Executive Summary on the Healthcare Market

The series provides accounts receivable management business owners with an in-depth analysis of the healthcare industry. As the whitepaper makes clear, healthcare is a very diverse sector; however, most ARM companies only focus their efforts on hospitals – the largest segment of the healthcare industry. The end result is often a lot of money on the table — opportunities that could be very lucrative, especially for operations looking to diversify and avoid concentration risk.


Missouri Federal Court Says ‘Benign’ Language on Envelope Does Not Violate FDCPA

The United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri recently granted a debt collector’s motion for judgment on the pleadings, holding an internal account number displayed on the envelope of a demand letter did not violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) because it did not reveal the plaintiff was a debtor.


The Winding Road of Litigation Against Frederick J. Hanna Nears End With CFPB Filing Proposed Consent Order Today; Hanna and NARCA Respond

Today the CFPB filed a proposed consent order in federal court that would end its lawsuit that began in July 2014 against Frederick J. Hanna & Associates. Both the Hanna firm and NARCA have issued statements. This is an incredibly significant case for the ARM industry, as it has the potential to be the only CFPB direction on the subject unless and until formal rulemaking begins.

Opinion on Red Keyboard Button.

Senators Are Wrong to Urge ED Not to Allow Collectors to Use Autodialer

Last month Congress passed a budget deal that includes a provision to allow those collecting federal student loans to call consumer cell phones using an autodialer. In an article I wrote about it at the time, I noted that some were determined to get the provision rolled back. This week, several Senators sent a letter to the Department of Education (ED) urging the department not to allow “unsolicited robocalling by debt collectors.” This has been picked up in many newspapers – I think their argument does a disservice to students and taxpayers.


Does the FTC LifeLock Settlement Have Applicability to the ARM Industry?

Last week the FTC announced that they had entered into a $100 Million Settlement with LifeLock to settle charges that it had violated a 2010 Court Order. At first blush one would think that this case has no applicability to the ARM industry. LifeLock isn’t a credit grantor. Lifelock isn’t a debt collector. But, in the words of ESPN’s College Football Analyst, Lee Corso: “Not so fast my friend!” Sometimes all is not what it seems.