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NJ District Court Slams Consumer Attorney for FCRA Suit Filed without “Meaningful Review or Investigation”

Is it acceptable to allege in court that a reasonably accurate credit record is, in fact, not accurate and therefore in violation of the FCRA? Nope. That’s according to U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey Judge Renée Marie Bumb, who dismissed what she termed a “frivolous” lawsuit against Experian in the recent, twinned cases Glenn Williams v. Experian and Lorissa Williams v. Experian.


How the FCC Misinterpreted Congress’ Mandate for the TCPA Debt Collection Exemption

Last year, the TCPA statute was amended allowing an exemption for calls made to collect a debt owed to the United States. The amendment also directed the FCC to develop rules that “may restrict or limit the number and duration of calls made to a number assigned to a cellular phone service.” …But there are two possible interpretations of “duration of calls.”


ConServe Submits Thoughtful Response to FCC Request for Comments on TCPA Exception for Government Debts

Last week, ConServe, a leading private collection agency and federal contractor that provides services to the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Treasury, filed comments to the FCC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking TCPA. The comments were thorough and well-reasoned. Unfortunately, the deck at the FCC is likely stacked against collectors.


Ontario Comments on Columbia Ultimate Acquisition and the Industry Impact

Yesterday’s announcement that Ontario Systems (Ontario) had acquired Columbia Ultimate Business Systems (CUBS) was big news in the ARM industry. These two companies been competitors for years. Both have very mature products that are installed and used at major “players” in our space. Both companies have a large number of third party agency clients. However, what is interesting is that both companies had also expanded into adjacent vertical markets. insideARM contacted Ontario management to ask for further insight into the transaction and for comment on questions we believe the industry is asking.


Republicans Propose Dodd-Frank, CFPB Overhaul

House Financial Services Committee Chair Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) unveiled the outline of a massive new Republican plan this week to overhaul or strip away nearly every aspect of the Dodd-Frank financial reform. The new plan, called the Financial CHOICE Act, would result in big changes to the Dodd-Frank, including a repeal of the Volcker Rule, the creation of new capital and liquidity standards for banks and, most relevant to the collections industry, a thorough strip-down and rebuild of the CFPB.