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Debt Collection

Debt collection refers to the work done to recover balances from credit accounts that are past due. Most commonly, debt collection specifically references third party debt collectors whose clients include banks, credit card issuers and other credit grantors, debt buyers, governments, and any organization that extends credit or owns an account where a balance is due. Collection methods traditionally include phone calls from call center agents, e-mails, and letters, and increasingly, SMS text. If an account remains in arrears after these efforts, the collection agency may contract with a collection attorney to file suit to recover the debt, if the collection agency is not positioned to do so.


DBA International Hosting Live Symposium on New York State’s Collection Rules & Regulations

DBA International is hosting a one-day comprehensive symposium on New York State’s rapidly evolving rules and regulations for the collection of debt in the Empire State. Hear directly from the representatives from the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) and New York State Office of Court Administration (OCA) as they discuss, take audience questions, and provide guidance on their new regulations and court rules which will take full effect in 2015.