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Accounts Receivable Management

Within a credit granting business, accounts receivable management (ARM) refers to policies and procedures for a company’s disposition of accounts receivable — or money owed on credit accounts — including measurements, aging, charge-offs, debt collection, and debt sales. ARM divisions increase the revenue of its parent company even though they are typically quite capital-intensive with state-of-the-art systems and extensive frontline staffing.

Accounts receivable management (ARM) can also refer to the industry that aids credit grantors in recovering debt before or after charge-off. This can include first and third party debt collection agencies, collection law firms, and debt buyers.


Stoneleigh Recovery Associates Becomes Certified Third Party Collection Agency

Stoneleigh Recovery Associates (SRA) today announced that it has earned the highly-regarded designation of Certified Professional Receivables Company (CPRC) after completing the comprehensive national standards contained in DBA International’s certification program. These standards have been recognized for exceeding state and federal laws and regulations through a series of stringent requirements that stress responsible consumer protection […]

Due Diligence

What Are Collection Agencies Doing About Due Diligence?

Compliance professionals, no doubt, are doing a lot of “I Told You So!”s. Their’s is among the toughest jobs in the industry: they’re not a profit-maker and they almost always have a hundred reasons why a collection agency can’t do something that the owner is convinced will make more money. So is the latest from the CFPB enough to get collection agency owners’ and operators’ attention?

Senior Man Using Cell Phone

Greetings from the Self-Proclaimed “Dullest Person in the ARM Industry”

I am so “over” Las Vegas. I am not a gambler. Plus, since I have the well-earned title of being THE DULLEST PERSON IN THE ARM INDUSTRY, all of the glitter and glamour of Las Vegas is lost on me. Lastly, time away from home has become less attractive. I like being at home. Shorter trips are better for me, and I hear the same from many of my colleagues.


Obama, Republicans, in Legislative Tug-of-War Over Over CFPB Reform

We can expect to hear more rhetoric from both sides in the ramp-up to the 2016 presidential elections. Democrats will want to focus the conversation on consumer protections — from reforms in debt collection to reforms in lending (specifically, yesterday’s story about payday lending). Republicans will focus largely on what they see as a regulatory body with no supervision, and will likely frame the conversation in terms of a need for smaller government.

Payday Loan

Is This the Beginning of the End for Payday Loan Operations?

The proposals under consideration would include two ways that lenders could extend short-term loans without causing borrowers to become trapped in debt. Lenders could either prevent debt traps at the outset of each loan, or they could protect against debt traps throughout the lending process. Specifically, all lenders making covered short-term loans would have to adhere to one of several requirements.

Stephen "Corey" Davis (second from left)

ARMing Heroes Adds to Board, Shares Story of Purple Heart Grant Recipient

ARMing Heroes (, the collection industry’s charity for military veterans, today announced the addition of Dexter Smith, President of Credit Adjustments, Inc. ( – CAI), to its board of trustees (“the board”). With over 28 years of experience in the collection industry, Dexter brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the board, promising to […]


Mike Ginsberg and Rozanne Andersen to Address Key Issues in Free Webinar

This year’s first quarter has already seen many important developments for the ARM industry, from the Department of Education’s announcement that it will end its relationship with five prominent debt collection agencies, to stricter regulations for New York State as a whole. What’s next? Join Kaulkin Ginsberg President and CEO Mike Ginsberg and Ontario Systems […]