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The accounts receivable management industry relies heavily on technology to streamline processes and make operations more efficient. From complex communication technology like predictive dialers to cutting edge scoring and analytics, debt collection professionals use a host of progressive software and hardware solutions.

Integration has become very important with collection technologies. Many vendors are partnering with providers of different services so that their technology will “talk” to each other. For example, collection software providers are now sure to reach out to dialer vendors, makers of analytics suites, skip tracing providers and letter shops so that all services can be used in a single interface.


Big Shifts in Debt by Age: A Very Literal Interpretation of Knowing Your Debtor

A recent credit report study from TransUnion found that the composition of loans that people typically carry has materially changed for both the youngest and oldest segments of the population during the last decade. Not only did economic forces prompt change, but general demographic shifts have changed the composition of outstanding credit among different age groups in the U.S.

Twitter Forced to Defend TCPA Lawsuit on Text Messages; Possible Ramifications for SMS Use in Collections

Using reasoning from a controversial Circuit Court decision involving a debt collection agency, a federal judge in California has denied Twitter, Inc.’s motion to dismiss a class action TCPA case that alleges it used an “automated telephone dialing system” to send text messages to cell numbers belonging to consumers that had not consented to receive them.