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Collection Law Firms

Debt collection law firms, also known as creditor’s rights law firms, focus on the collection of debt through the court system. While traditional collection agencies are not authorized to file lawsuits against debtors, collection attorneys specialize in taking debt cases to court to try to obtain court-ordered judgments against debtors.

In addition to teams of legal professionals, many collection law firms have extensive collection operations that conduct more traditional debt recovery activity.


Appeals Decision Supports CFPB-FTC View on Out-of-Statute Debt Collection

Last week the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued its opinion in the consolidated appeals of McMahon v. LVNV Funding and Delgado v. Capital Management Services concerning the collection of time-barred debt without the threat of litigation. The result is not good for the credit and collections industry, principally because it further confuses application of the FDCPA across the nation.


FTC Becoming Increasingly Reliant on Phone App for Collection Complaints

Since July 2013, the CFPB has been the main federal agency tasked with accepting, compiling, and resolving consumer complaints about debt collection. But the FTC still collects those complaints through a variety of other sources. According to FTC data on consumer complaints, the share of debt collection complaints originating in a particular smartphone app has risen dramatically.


Joint CFPB-FTC Brief: Collecting on Time-Barred Debt Can Violate FDCPA

The CFPB and FTC this week said in a court brief that “actual or threatened litigation is not a necessary predicate for an FDCPA violation in the context of time-barred debt.” The brief argues that under certain circumstances, a settlement offer — and other collection activity — on an out-of-statute account can mislead the consumer and could be a violation of the FDCPA.