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What Is the collector mentor™ Challenge?

The collector mentor Challenge™ is a collector mentor™ and initiative designed to help collectors unleash their full personal and professional potential. Each week a new challenge will be posted online. These short, weekly challenges will provide readers with actionable ideas to pursue, explore, and ponder in the week ahead.

Each challenge is broken down into three parts:

  1. The Lesson
  2. The Challenge
  3. The Reflection

While each individual challenge can be explored on a stand-alone or intermittent basis depending on reader preference, the ongoing series provides an opportunity for individuals and organizations to use the challenges in a systematic way as well. Collectors will have the option to chart their progress using The Challenge Scorecard™ and they can use The Challenge Journal™ to record their thoughts and experiences.

The challenges will cover a variety of topics including business and careers, personal growth, health, family and friends, fun, and personal finances. Each challenge will fall into one of the follow six categories:

  1. Physical Fitness & Health
  2. Wellness & Education
  3. Family & Home Life
  4. Spiritual & Ethical Concerns
  5. Social & Cultural Interests
  6. Financial & Career Planning