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Debt collection law firms, also known as creditor’s rights law firms, focus on the collection of debt through the court system. While traditional collection agencies are not authorized to file lawsuits against debtors, collection attorneys specialize in taking debt cases to court to try to obtain court-ordered judgments against debtors.

In addition to teams of legal professionals, many collection law firms have extensive collection operations that conduct more traditional debt recovery activity.

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Participation Cuts Both Ways; Another Take On “Meaningful Involvement”

In any relationship, contractual or otherwise, the responsibility to be “meaningfully involved” is not a one-sided equation. And if that premise is accepted, which I believe reasonable people would agree it should, then defining it needs to have a defensible background and basis upon which to use the term in defining acceptable behavior among both parties.


NARCA Applauds CFPB Action Against World Law Group

NARCA applauds the recent action by the CFPB in the case of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau v. Orion Processing. LLC, Bradley James Haskins, World Law Debt Services, LLC, and World Law Processing, LLC. Since October 27, 2010, over 21,ooo consumers across the country-representing 99% of the consumers who enrolled with World Law-have paid more than $67 million in unlawful advance fees to Defendants, who ultimately provide little or none of the services promised to consumers.

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CFPB Files Amicus Brief in FDCPA case

Last week the CFPB, jointly with the FTC, filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Bock v. Pressler & Pressler, LLP. In the case a U.S. district court previously ruled that a debt collection law firm violated the Fair Debt FDCPA by filing a complaint without “meaningful attorney involvement.”


The Latest Curve In CFPB vs. Hanna

On Monday July 27, 2015 Hanna filed a “Motion to Certify [the case] for an Interlocutory Appeal.” An interlocutory appeal an appeal of a specific ruling by a trial court, and asks an appellate court to review a significant aspect of the case before the trial has concluded. This is an extraordinary action, as courts prefer a case proceed to conclusion on its merits and do not like to break up litigation into multiple parts.


Stephen Einstein & Associates Moves to New HQ with Expanded Operations

Stephen Einstein & Associates, one of NY/NJ’s premier collection litigation and creditors’ rights legal firms, is moving to 39 Broadway with an expanded staff. The firm continues under the leadership of Founder Stephen Einstein and newly promoted Managing Partner Anthony S. Poulin. Einstein’s current staff of professionals will be joined by several administrative and support […]

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Eleventh Circuit’s Mistaken Interpretation Likely to Expose Attorneys to Increased FDCPA Liability

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals recently handed down a decision that went too far in holding that all litigation related activity is subject to the FDCPA. In pursuing their client’s judgment, an attorney and law firm obtained a garnishment against Nedzad Miljkovic. Miljkovic filed a claim for exemption in response, which the creditor disputed. However, the writ was eventually dissolved on the creditor’s attorney’s motion after Miljkovic provided discovery showing that his wages were exempt from garnishment.