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Doctors Fight “Devastating” Bill in California Which Would Limit Revenue From Self Pay Patients

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) is repeating their plea to California Governor Jerry Brown, asking the governor to veto a “devastating” new bill under consideration in the California Assembly that would limit the amount patients could pay healthcare providers for their services. In their second letter to Governor Brown on this subject, […]


Latest Ontario Systems Whitepaper Examines Issues Around Self-Pay Revenue

According to Healthcare Finance News, more than half of provider bills don’t get paid. And for every dollar billed to patients, providers have historically failed to collect 65 cents. Providers are experts at managing insurance reimbursement, but collecting self-pay dollars is a different story. With the average annual deductible for covered workers increasing 255% since 2006 and projected […]


The 3 Big Factors That Make Patient Self-Pay a Headache for Providers

According to Healthcare Finance News, more than half of provider bills don’t get paid. And for every dollar billed to patients, providers have historically failed to collect 65 cents. Providers are experts at managing insurance reimbursement, but collecting self-pay dollars is a different story. With the average annual deductible for covered workers increasing 255% since […]

How Healthcare ARM Companies Can Take Advantage of Regional Economic Data

Kaulkin Ginsberg recommends ARM companies focused on the healthcare vertical take a regional approach to their analyses. Most healthcare providers are strongly linked to the communities they serve, and the state-level unemployment rate is one of the best indicators of whether individuals in a certain region are likely to have health insurance. Studying this data allows you to examine the local labor force, providing insight into the types of consumers you’ll be working with and their propensity to pay.

Hospital Physician Partners Rolls Out CarePayment to Hospital Emergency Departments in More Than 20 States

Hospital Physician Partners (HPP) is one of the nation’s leading Emergency and Hospital Medicine contract management companies, partnering with hospitals in over 20 states. HPP has over 2,000 providers that will treat more than 2.4 million patients this year.  The Company is currently enhancing its patient services by adding CarePayment patient financing programs. With CarePayment, HPP patients can […]

New Whitepaper Reveals Three Strategies to Shrink Bad Debt

Despite the advances of the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) related to patient debt (establishing maximum out-of-pocket expenses and other protections), most healthcare finance analysts believe bad debt will increase over the coming years. LexisNexis, in this free whitepaper, has put together recommended best practices from a wide range of healthcare providers who […]

Healthcare Organizations and Debt Collectors: A Match Made in Heaven

The Healthcare Financial Management Association, ACA International and major stakeholder organizations have released medical collection guidelines to their members. This has set in motion a scramble of credit bureaus, consumer protection agencies, healthcare organizations and others trying to synergize resources, build relationships and protect their bottom line. The ultimate goal, of course, is that these […]

insidePatientFinance, UMC Health System & Craneware to Host Hospital Revenue Integrity Webinar

On Thursday, March 26th at 2PM Eastern, will present a complimentary 75-minute webinar for healthcare providers and revenue cycle professionals to learn how UMC gathered the tools, resources, and know-how to bring revenue integrity to life. The free, 75-minute webinar entitled Building a Revenue Integrity Department from Scratch: One Hospital’s Story will feature Allen and Craneware’s Michael Najera as they walk through step-by-step the process of how UMC built a Revenue Integrity Department into a revenue cycle powerhouse that generates millions of dollars each year.

Capio Partners & insidePatientFinance to Host Free Webinar on Healthcare Debt Sales

Join and Capio Partners on February 14, 2013, for a free, live webinar–Healthcare Debt Sales: Tips to Boost Revenue and Effectively Manage Patient Relationships– that’s packed with practical advice and expert insights from a medical debt purchasing exec and a former hospital executive director involved with selling delinquent patient A/R . Bring your toughest questions for the panel of experts, including former the former Executive Director at Cleveland Clinic, to answer.

Treasury Department Hearing on Healthcare Debt Collection Rules Postponed

The public hearing on U.S. Treasury Department’s Internal Revenue Service regulations limiting how not-for-profit hospitals can collect debts from its patients has been postponed to Dec. 5. The hearing will cover  proposed rules that clarify IRS regulations regarding how a hospital manages its financial assistance policy (FAP) and emergency medical care policy, and how it collects […]

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