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Accounts Receivable Management

Within a credit granting business, accounts receivable management (ARM) refers to policies and procedures for a company’s disposition of accounts receivable — or money owed on credit accounts — including measurements, aging, charge-offs, debt collection, and debt sales. ARM divisions increase the revenue of its parent company even though they are typically quite capital-intensive with state-of-the-art systems and extensive frontline staffing.

Accounts receivable management (ARM) can also refer to the industry that aids credit grantors in recovering debt before or after charge-off. This can include first and third party debt collection agencies, collection law firms, and debt buyers.

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Consumer Relations Consortium Welcomes New Members; Continues Discussions with Consumers

ROCKVILLE, Md. — The Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC) announced today that Coast Professional, State Collection Service, Windham Professionals, Afni, and Radius Global Solutions, have recently joined as new members. The CRC is a membership group for “larger market participants” in the debt collection industry (defined as those firms with $10M or more in annual revenue from collection […]


insideARM Perspective on CFPB Outline of Proposed Rules – Litigation and Time-Barred Disclosures

This is the fourth in our series of “perspective” articles about the CFPB’s Outline of Proposed Debt Collection Rules, released last week. This post covers the subjects of litigation disclosure and time-barred and obsolete debt, which includes some of the most problematic proposals in the CFPB’s Outline for those who engage in litigation and/or collect late-stage or out-of-statute debt.


insideARM Perspective On CFPB Outline of Proposed Debt Collection Rules – Information Integrity

This is the third in our series of “perspective” articles about the CFPB’s Outline of Proposed Debt Collection Rules, released last week in advance of the next step in the rulemaking process, the SBREFA hearing. Section III of the Outline is devoted to the subject of data integrity, data transfer, and substantiation of a debt. […]


insideARM Perspective on CFPB Outline of Proposed Debt Collection Rules – Communication Part 2

Last week the CFPB released its 117-page Outline of Proposed Rules for debt collection in anticipation of the next step in rulemaking, the SBREFA panel, to be held on August 25th. insideARM is breaking down those proposals for our readers in a series of posts covering the range of topics addressed. Our first post – insideARM Perspective […]


What Collectors Really Need to Know About the CFPB’s Proposed Rules

We’re seeing the beginning of movement on rules for the debt industry. Last week, the CFPB published its list of proposed rules for the industry — and what follows will be a lot of questions, suggestions, confusion, and, hopefully, clarity. John Rossman and Mike Poncin discuss some of highlights of the proposed rules, and what this might mean for everyone involved.