Credit and collection professionals have a lot to worry about to run a successful agency. While trying to maximize profits, you need to keep up on compliance rules in order to avoid fines and litigation. Ongoing education about the industry is one of the best ways to arm yourself. After all, the rules and regulations are always changing based on new technologies and court rulings.

Our mission at PDCflow is to provide collection professionals with the best resources for this education by showing you how to perfect your payment workflow and offer advice on trends within the industry. We also aim to let you know any time we find out about great opportunities to learn about compliance, regulations, and best practices. All topics which will help you run the best business possible.

One exceptional opportunity to learn more about your profession is the upcoming Collection Boot Camp series, planned and hosted by the California Association of Collectors (CAC). Many in the industry are familiar with the CAC, but may be surprised to hear that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the oldest association of collection professionals in the nation. The CAC paved the way for many other organized groups of credit and collection professionals, such as the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, better know as the ACA International.

The California-based group is also larger than any other state-based credit and collection association in the nation. This has created an extensive network of knowledgeable professionals to draw from in matters of education in the industry. The CAC recognizes the influence they carry and hopes to help credit and collection professionals all over the country stay informed. That is the goal of their upcoming courses. 

The series will be comprised of three parts. The first two installments will be held in the form of online webinars, laying the foundation for the third installment -- a live presentation. The final class will take place on Oct. 10 at the 100th annual CAC Conference & Expo, Oct. 9 - 10 in Rancho Mirage, California.

PDCflow will be executing a series of informational articles on our blog based on the three presentations shortly after each concludes.

Scheduled for August 17th during lunch hours of 11:30 - 1 pm PST, the webinar will leave time for a Q & A session, and attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions upon registration. The cost is $49 per location for CAC Members and $99 per location for non-CAC members.

The first webinar is titled: Sound Off! Communications on the Collection Battleground. The class will review the basics of collection communications, including real world “drills” such as navigating the minefield of leaving messages, and addressing compliant methods of doing so. The webinar will also include an update on dialers, and whether using one is right for your business.

The course will be taught by two well-known figures in the industry, Courtney Reynaud and June Coleman. Reynaud, who is now president and CEO of her family business, Creditors Bureau USA, is well versed in all things collections. Having worked in the industry since the age of 15, she has intimate knowledge of procedures, and a good gauge for changing trends. Within her company, Reynaud concentrates on compliance, revenue cycle management and collection agent management.

She is also the vice president and secretary of the CAC, and her professional background includes experience with collection law and consumer rights within the healthcare industry. This impressive background proves Reynaud is a well-equipped authority on the topics of the upcoming class, such as keeping collection compliant.

For the class, Reynaud will use real world scenarios based on practices Credit Bureau USA currently has in place. She will review her company’s Compliance Management System, policies and procedures. She will also discuss the Professional Practice Management System (PPMS), which will provide a framework for agencies interested in improving day-to-day operations.

Coleman, Reynaud’s teaching partner for the collection bootcamp course, is equally qualified to discuss the topics of the seminar. She has spent nearly two decades as a defense litigator, which has given her extensive experience with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Coleman’s know-how will be a great addition to the conversation planned. She will concentrate on hot issues in consumer litigation related to communications, including how to make your litigation defenses bulletproof.

Issues of compliance and best practices for running an agency are important to all credit and collection professionals. These CAC seminars will have something for everyone, from the newest level of collectors, to middle management, to agency owners. 

To receive additional information on registering for the webinar and informational articles after each session, please see: CAC Collection Boot Camp Information.

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