Mike Ginsberg

Credit cards have arguably been the largest source of new business for the ARM industry for more than two decades. It leapfrogged over healthcare back in the 1990s and while it has experienced significant change in recent years, credit cards remain as one of the largest market segments in ARM.

For that reason alone, you and your entire ARM team should take the time to read through and comment on insideARM.com’s Big Issue focused entirely on this topic. But there are other reasons to engage.

First a bit of insight into the Big Issues that insideARM.com produces. There are currently three subject areas that have been covered by the team and contributing writers: Complaints, Healthcare and now Credit Cards. The Big Issue is not intended to replace the daily news and information that insideARM.com provides. Many readers have told me they read the insideARM.com headlines every day as it is a vital source of accurate and timely information for those interested in the affairs of the industry. That will not change. But some topics warrant a deeper dive and no other resource brings that information to you for free. Credit Cards is definitely one such topic.

The Big Issue includes feature articles, opinion pieces, infographics and other types of informative content and it is updated with new information daily. The articles are very well written in a way that is easy to digest through the use of humor and visuals. You get the picture.

The credit card sector has evolved before our eyes. Dramatic reductions in loan originations, drops in delinquency and recovery rates, lawsuits, and regulation have all played their own significant role in this evolution and while trends are showing signs of improving, the market of credit cards will never be the same as it was pre-2007. All of these topics, and others, are covered in detail by some of the leading experts in the field.

Whatever your viewpoint or strategy, whether you are focused exclusively on the credit card sector or not at all, whether you purchase, service, run recovery departments or enable those that do through your products or services, I strongly believe we should be aware of the changes real time to make informed decisions about own business practices. The Big Issue on Credit Cards helps to make this happen. Thank you insideARM.com team.

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