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Stephanie Eidelman

The iA Institute

Stephanie is CEO of The iA Institute, a digital media company that specializes in providing insight and practical information to the complex debt industry. She has grown the company from its beginning as publisher of a daily newsletter (insideARM) to one that influences the industry at the highest level. In addition to publishing, the iA Institute runs the Compliance Professionals Forum (a membership organization that provides context and practical support for day-to-day compliance challenges), and manages the Consumer Relations Consortium (an extremely active group of nearly 30 larger market participants who discuss evolving practices, and regularly engage with consumer advocates and regulators to affect industry rulemaking).

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Recent Posts


Former Regulator Accuses CFPB of Targeting the Biggest Companies and Imposing “The Maximum Fines They Can Afford to Pay”

The Weekly Standard has just published an article written by attorney and former regulator Ronald L. Rubin that you will want to read. In the post, Rubin shares his insider experience as a former enforcement attorney with the CFPB, leading one of the Bureau’s first two debt collection investigations.


GAO Report Says CFPB Small Business Panels Could Be More Effective

The United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report last week that found that small business representatives (SERs) participating in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) recent SBREFA processes thought they were too rushed. According to the report, the Regulatory Flexibility Act requires CFPB to convene Small Business Review Panels (also known as SBREFA panels) for rulemaking efforts […]


FDCPA Safe Harbor Buried within CFPB Mortgage Rules

On August 4, 2016 the CFPB released a rule providing safe harbors from liability under the FDCPA for certain actions taken in compliance with mortgage servicing rules, but after the consumer has made a cease communication request. This will interest the ARM industry more broadly as it may signal a willingness to provide safe harbor where notification requirements are in conflict with the consumer’s interests.


Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner Nixes Bill Connected to His Former Business Life in Debt Collection

According to an article in the Chicago Sun Times today, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed a bill last Friday that would have allowed Cook County and Chicago to use third party debt collectors to pursue delinquent tax debts. Evidently, Rauner felt that this would “penalize property owners who are already facing skyrocketing property taxes.” The […]


insideARM Perspective on CFPB Outline of Proposed Rules – Litigation and Time-Barred Disclosures

This is the fourth in our series of “perspective” articles about the CFPB’s Outline of Proposed Debt Collection Rules, released last week. This post covers the subjects of litigation disclosure and time-barred and obsolete debt, which includes some of the most problematic proposals in the CFPB’s Outline for those who engage in litigation and/or collect late-stage or out-of-statute debt.


insideARM Perspective on CFPB Outline of Proposed Debt Collection Rules – Communication Part 2

Last week the CFPB released its 117-page Outline of Proposed Rules for debt collection in anticipation of the next step in rulemaking, the SBREFA panel, to be held on August 25th. insideARM is breaking down those proposals for our readers in a series of posts covering the range of topics addressed. Our first post – insideARM Perspective […]