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Stephanie Eidelman

President & Publisher
The iA Institute

Stephanie is president & CEO of The iA Institute, an organization dedicated to bringing perspective to the complex debt industry through insight and collaboration. We bring a variety of stakeholders to the table for in-depth conversation about how to foster a culture of compliance, and how to work through long-standing industry challenges together. The iA Institute publishes, hosts the annual Creditor-Collector and Large Market Participant Summits, and manages the Consumer Relations Consortium. Anyone who knows Stephanie will immediately tell you that her passion is in organization. Literally – she loves a clean desk, a well-labeled closet, an elegant process, a useful spreadsheet.

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A High-Level Discussion of Debt Collectors, Involving no Debt Collectors

NPR’s The Diane Rehm Show aired a segment yesterday called “Inside America’s Debt Collection Industry.” Among the four guests, there were no representatives from the debt collection industry. What’s also interesting is that, in fact, most of the discussion was not about third party debt collectors, but creditors, debt buyers, and credit reporting agencies.


Debt Collector Opens Its Doors to ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

Gordon Beck, Chief Operating Officer of Diversified Consultants, Inc., based in Jacksonville, Florida, sat for an interview last week with ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. Beck said ABC set out to investigate TCPA lawsuits where companies – including collection agencies – dialed wrong numbers. ABC producers told Beck that he was the only collection agency official that agreed to be interviewed.