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Matt Edmunds

Vice President of Financial Services and Collections
SoundBite Communications

Matt Edmunds brings 20 years of hands-on industry and operational experience to his role at SoundBite Communications. As the Vice President of Financial Services and Collections, Edmunds leads sales, marketing, services, and product development efforts tailored for these industries. Prior to joining SoundBite, Edmunds was senior vice president of bankcard operations for Outsourcing Solutions, Inc, where he managed all facility, personnel, strategy and operations decisions for four call center sites with 600 full-time employees. In this role, he was a frequent user of SoundBite’s solution. Prior to joining OSI, Edmunds spent almost nine years at Capital One Financial Corporation leading various customer care and collections strategies. Matt Edmunds can be reached at and LinkedIn. Follow him on twitter at @MattEdmunds10.

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